Socrata and Tyler

Socrata is now the Data & Insights Division of Tyler Technologies, the largest software company in the nation solely focused on providing technology to the public sector. Together, we are putting data at the heart of every government program and accelerating our shared vision of creating safer, smarter, and more vibrant communities.

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Our Mission

Unleashing the Power of Government Data to Improve Society

At the Data & Insights division of Tyler…


We value big ideas and creative execution

We are smart, innovative, brilliant, and bright.


We are results-driven and accountable

We work hard and are pragmatic, resourceful, dedicated, and ambitious.


We celebrate success together

We work with great people, play to win, have fun, journey together as teams, and desire to teach others.


We aspire to be remarkable

We make an impact, take notice, better society, and are idealistic.


We are open, honest, and self-critical

We value trust, friendship, collaboration, listening, humility, and genuineness, while breaking down silos, owning our mistakes, and learning from them.


We take client success personally

Each of us is responsible for client success, and we go above and beyond for clients, offering them a remarkable experience. We frame all action with the client in mind, using client needs as our starting point.