A Brief History

The initial idea for Socrata was to be a cloud-based database for small and midsize businesses, designed for businesspeople, not programmers and database administrators. We launched in early 2008 and discovered in late 2008 that among our customers, governments were taking advantage of our great UX and collaboration features to make government data discoverable, accessible and useful to a wide variety of audiences. By mid-2009 we had become most passionate and interested in helping governments unlock their data and decided to pivot the company and focus exclusively on open data and data-driven government.

It has been a tremendous joy to watch Socrata grow and mature over the last several years. We would not be where we are today without the talented, passionate and remarkable people we’ve hired into our company. I am inspired every day by our employees who constantly raise the bar and take Socrata to new heights. I am beyond excited by what’s on the horizon for us and know we can’t get there without hiring the best talent in the industry. I hope you’ll consider joining us.

  • Kevin Merritt, CEO

Socrata Expands Offices

April 2016

We expanded our offices in both Seattle and Washington, DC. during March and April, 2016.

Motorola Solutions, Socrata Partner to Offer Transparency Solutions Designed to Improve Citizen Engagement

March 2016

Socrata Hires 150th Employee

April 2015

Socrata Raises $30 Million Series C

November 2014

Sapphire Venture Partners drives the successful series C round of fundraising. “The future is extremely bright, because open data adoption and usage is exploding at all levels of government globally. Open data has become mainstream, and this viral movement is unstoppable and the lifeblood of connected global networks.” - Kevin Merritt

Socrata Hires 100th Employee

April 2014

City of LA launches their first Open Data Portal

March 2014

City of Eindhoven becomes a customer

March 2014

Socrata Hires 50th Employee

October 2013

Socrata Opens a London Office

July 2013

Scott Maxwell Joins Board

June 2013

Open data has become a high priority at every level of government, creating enormous opportunities for disruptive innovation in the public sector.” Scott Maxwell

Socrata Raises $18 Million Series B

June 2013

OpenView Venture Partners invests in Socrata, leading a successful series B round of fundraising. “We are the open data market leader and we’ve absolutely figured out the product market fit which has translated into strong customer traction and partner interest. We have a deep product backlog, many new customers coming online and new partnerships that need to be operationalized. The funding allows us to make those investments sooner.” - Kevin Merritt

Socrata Launches GovStat

March 2013

GovStat is the first government performance measurement product, and the first product Socrata launches after the open data portal.

Socrata Hires 20th Employee

October 2012

New York City becomes a customer

August 2011

Kenya Becomes First Customer Outside of the United States

July 2011

World Bank becomes a customer

December 2010

Oregon Becomes First State Customer

August 2010

Socrata is proud to bring the State of Oregon on board. Oregon will build a strong open data program and will go on to win multiple awards for data.oregon.gov.

Medicare.gov becomes a customer

February 2010

blist Becomes Socrata

May 2009

In what will be an historical pivot for the company, blist changes focus from databases to open data. To reflect this new direction, blist becomes Socrata, a name suggested by Board member Robert Runge.

Robert Runge Joins Board

May 2009

Having been closely involved in blist’s strategy to focus on the public sector and to build a best-of-breed platform to sell directly to governments to encourage and support the emerging open data market, I was excited about the mission and the market.” - Robert Runge

blist Goes Presidential

December 2008

In late 2008, Kevin Merritt has a conversation with The Obama Campaign Tech Team, starting a dialogue that culminates in whitehouse.gov becoming one of our earliest customers.

Ken Gullicksen and Scott Darling Join Blist Board

February 2008

As part of their investment in the Series A fundraising, Ken Gullicksen and Scott Darling become blist’s first board members.

blist raises $6.5 Million Series A

February 2008

The funds are invested by Frazier Venture Partners and Morgenthaler Ventures. "It’s extremely satisfying to have two prestigious investment partners believe in blist’s mission of building the world’s easiest database and who see the enormous opportunity to breathe new life and innovation into the database market.” -Kevin Merritt

blist Hires First Employee

March 2007

By the end of 2007, blist has six employees on staff, including the founder.

Kevin Merritt Founds Blist

March 2007

blist (short for web-list) is designed as a database for mainstream users.