Engineers wanted!

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Our Engineers

We are front-end developers building interactive experiences, infrastructure gurus empowering rapid service development, data scientists uncovering insights, continuous integration experts improving our game, back-end builders exposing rich APIs and full-stack engineers vending targeted solutions. Composed of bikers, makers, chefs, organizers, sailors, parents, divers, runners, activists, teachers, speakers and many more, our experiences are broad and diverse. Socrata engineers come together for a shared love of data and desire to empower our governments and citizens to make more analytically driven decisions.

Technology Stack

We are composed of small, collaborative, agile teams. We iterate fast, release often, and make meaningful contributions immediately. Our engineering team builds with the latest and greatest tools/technologies on the market. We currently use:

Open API

The Socrata Open Data API allows civic developers and entrepreneurs to develop applications that make use of the vast troves of data that our customers have published through Socrata. Let us know if you build something awesome with open data!

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We believe in Open Source. That’s why we make all our code available through GitHub.

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