Team and Culture

Meet some of our people and see what we like to do.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party 2014

So ugly, but sooo good

G&A Team Night

During the Employee Summit, each team went out for dinner, glass blowing, painting, or some activity planned by their department head. This is the General and Admin Team night in Ballard

Patrick Hasseries

Marketing Automation Specialist

I get to apply just about every skill I have on a daily basis, in addition to improving them and developing new ones. My co-workers are also pretty boss. It's great to work for a company where just about everyone is witty and well adjusted.

Amy Winner

Director of Marketing

My job is a moving target, which I love. When I started at Socrata in 2013, my manager asked what my ideal job description would look like, and leadership has worked to put me in that exact role.

Clare Zimmerman

Customer Success Manager

I love seeing the "lightbulb" moment with a customer: when they suddenly get a really fantastic idea about what they can do with their data. Our customers are some of the smartest and most innovative people I know in government and their ideas make me really excited for the possibilities for open data.

Tim Wang

Data Analyst

I get to do what I enjoy with people I enjoy being around! I'm able to be myself at work because everyone is very welcoming and accepting.

Diana Post

Office Coordinator

All of my coworkers not only have immense talent and depth of knowledge, but they are also humble, dynamic, good humored people. What’s more, the Socrata family is more supportive and collaborative than any other company I’ve worked with, allowing me to rise to the challenges that emerge daily at a growing startup.

Emily Rund

Product Manager

Working at Socrata is a little like choosing the red pill and getting ejected from the matrix. There's a very real knowledge that every day you're impacting the business (and hopefully even a little piece of the world) in some way.

Urmila Nadkarni

Back End Engineer

Tech companies that are trying to build the most highly targeted ad platform or the next big social network or the "Uber of ___" are a dime a dozen. How many are actually creating a better world through their software? That number is much, much smaller. That plus the amazing people and technical challenges at Socrata are why I am so happy to work here.

Dylan Bussone

Front End Engineer

As a front-end developer, the best part about my job is working on the cutting edge of various technologies and learning as much as possible from the talented people around me. Everyone I work with is very smart, but also very willing to take the time to give talks and share what they learn with others.

Demo Friday @ Socrata

Also, yummy Pi day (3.14.2014)

The Pringle Project

Joe Pringle closed the biggest sales deal in Socrata's history. To memorialize this amazing achievement the Customer Success Team had a great idea: Have everyone in the company design their very own Pringle Art and use the Andy Warhol-like images to decorate our DC office which Joe calls home 🙂

Socrata S’mores Party

S'moregasboard of delicious s'mores-y goodness

Socrata Employee Summit 2014

Once a year all of Socrata's employees come together for a week to learn, unite and celebrate our amazing growth.

Pilar Wienke

Hispanic Markets Lead

When I meet with new customers and they tell me that they want to be with Socrata because we are making a difference in the world, it is rewarding. And also sharing that story with people, how they can also make a difference is a great reward.

Jessica Carsten

Customer Sucess Manager

Socrata allows me to apply an entrepreneurial mindset to some of our country's largest, and most entrenched systems that are looking to modernize. I am surrounded by brilliant clients and coworkers that teach me new things every day.